Vases (Vaso Vida) necklace

Maria Nepomuceno
Vases ( Vaso Vida), 2021
18 kt yellow gold, silver, lapis, baroque pearl and oriental pearls necklace
5.5 x 7 cm (main silver sculpture)
edition of 10 plus 2 AP
signed and numbered


‘My first (virtual) encounter with Elisabetta took place on February 2020, a few days before the Coronavirus pandemic begins.
It was incredible to feel the world changing radically throughout the creation process. In my perspective, those little sculptures became to me a symbol of a time when people hugged each other, touched each other naturally, without fear. As a jewel touches the skin. In this project where I created those wearable sculptures, the human body is the support. I can experiment the perfect meaning of the work when it integrates with the body landscape.Those microcosms are atavistically connected to the work I’ve been developing in sculpture. Beads, pearls, vases…As babies the jewels evoke their origin at the large mothers’ installations that I produced. I named Vases these necklace and ring series of works, because it symbolizes the feminine power, fertility, vital energy. Vases contain the mystery where life happens.’ – Maria Nepomuceno


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