Motivo Astratto (Abstract Motif)

Mirko Basaldella
Motivo Astratto (Abstract Motif), 1955
Yellow gold (Oro Masenza) chiseled casting bracelet
17 x 4.5 cm

Basaldella was researching on new forms and abstractions, his sculptures evolved and mutated into a more twirled patterns and the architectural feature in his works started to prevail. As a matter of fact, and among the most peculiar of his monumental creation, the spectacular and imposing bronze gate designed by the Artist between 1950-1951 at the Mausoleum of the Fosse Ardeatine in Rome (Italy). An extremely intricate movement of woven signs and lines, which will soon become Basaldella’s trademark and the main principle in his wearable pieces, like the 1955 Abstract Motif  bracelet. Here the Artist mutated the bronze into gold and reduced to the size of the jewel the interlocking knife shapes and lines perceptible in the design of the gate, lightening though the graphic. Made in chiselled ‘Masenza gold 64’, also identified as ‘green gold’ for its distinctive gold-silver alloy, it’s a resemble and echo of the ancient Etruscans sculptures and Roman’s jewellery, to which Mirko always expressed a particular interest.

Published on the book Gioielli D’artista in Italia 1945- 1995 (page 75), Abstract Motif bracelet it’s been inherited by the late heirs and is part of the family private collection.



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