Il Gallo ed il Serpente (The Rooster and the Serpent)

Mirko Basaldella
Il Galllo ed il Serpente (The Rooster and the Serpent), 1950
Yellow gold (Oro Masenza), circular cut rubies, cabochon tourquoise
diamonds and emeralds brooch
7.2 x 4.5 cm

Published on the book Gioielli D’artista in Italia 1945- 1995 (page 75), Abstract Motif bracelet it’s been inherited by the late heirs and is part of the family private collection. Also featured in the book, ‘Il Gallo e il Serpente’ (The Rooster and the serpent), 1950 brooch made of Masenza gold embossed by the Artist, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and turquoise, a true gem and a rare find in the Roman lot of Basaldella’s Archives.


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