Salty and Buoyant

Joy BC
Salty and Buoyant, 2021
18kt recycled yellow gold, south sea baroque pearls, natural blue Sri Lankan sapphire, natural yellow fancy diamond and white diamond earrings
6.5 cm long

‘Salty and Buoyant’ – both descriptive of the sea and emotional states. These earrings are born from my continuous research of the sea. Using colour as a form of abstract expression, the blue and yellow are symbolising water and moonlight. Close tones have been paired from the gem-stones to the pearls. The carved texture is signature to how I draw and carve. This comes from my lineage of stone carving from my father and his ancestors who were stone masons dating back to the 11th century. It is a misconception that pearls are created from a grain of sand. The pearl is cause from a trauma, intruder or infection. I see a pearl as perfect metaphor for something beautiful that comes from something difficult.’ – Joy BC



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