Hypatia (green bronze)

Joy BC
Hypatia, 2022
green bronze, 22kt recycled yellow gold, recycled 925 silver and green garnets cut by Jean Noel Soni, brooch and pendant
6.9 x 5.1 x 1.5 cm
Edition of 3

Hypatia was force of nature. A Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. A woman who was written about by Plato in a patriarchal society.

“In previous work, I have explored the hidden histories of forgotten female heroes, creating miniature-monuments in their honor. This ring and pendant/brooch are made to celebrate and honor Hypatia – but also to protest against violence to woman. The historical recurrence of violence to women, for simply being a woman, is barbaric.”

Her portrait in the brooch/pendant is carved and cast into bronze, a material synonymous with Hellenistic Greek sculpture. The tears specially cut by alluded gemstone cutter Jean-Noel Soni and set into 22ct yellow gold. Often in ancient sculpture, the eyes in stone carvings and bronzes were inlaid with gold and precious or semi-precious stones. Many of these were stolen and thus we now see portraits with empty eyes.

“The teardrop is recurring symbol in my work and I have researched tears both scientifically and mythologically.Whatever the type of tear, in my view, they are all precious – and even more so in a moment of empathy or as an expression of mourning for a loss of someone who was important to us. There is even a type of butterfly in the amazon rainforest that survives by lapping up the salty tears of turtles.”



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