Enrico Castellani
Nastro, 1963 – 2016
18kt yellow satin gold brooch and pendant
8 cm pendant
41.5 cm chain
Edition of 10
Signed and numbered

Nastro (1963–2016) is an exclusive jewel made by Enrico Castellani from 18kt yellow satin gold that can be worn either as a brooch or as a necklace.

Enrico Castellani is regarded as one of Italy’s most important living artists. Nastro (1963-2016) is an exclusive wearable art piece made of 18kt yellow satin gold. This wearable sculpture relates to the artist’s poetical engagement with the manipulation of surfaces and light, which is evident here in the elegant bending of a single gold strip into an intriguing anthropomorphic shape. Nastro has also a special meaning in Castellani’s personal life, as it was first specially made in 1963 as a gift for his partner at the time, a symbol of love that she has kept with her ever since.

The piece embodies a more unconventional aesthetic than Superficie, a jewellery collaboration between Cipriani and Castellani realised in 2012, which exhibits the artist’s characteristic relief surfaces as seen in the Castellani celebrated series of work Superficie Nera (1959).


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