Piovra Bracelet

Paolo Canevari
Piovra (Octopus), 2019
oxidised silver and cultured pearls bracelet
10.2 x 7 cm
made bespoke
edition of 10
signed and numbered


The Octopus, which elegantly wraps around the wrist of the wearer, symbolises various facets of power. The seductive power of the eroticism in Japan, the omnipresent power of the mafia in Italy, and in Hollywood, the enigmatic creature of the ocean symbolises the uncanny power of the criminal and terrorist organisation Spectre in the famous Bond movies. The bracelet invites its wearer to reflect on the complex interconnectedness of seduction, danger and authority, as the eight-armed animal once inspired the creation of the gorgon Medusa’s head, in Ancient Greek mythology.

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