Lupe Romane

Paolo Canevari
Lupe Romane, 2019
micro-mosaic and 9kt rose gold cufflinks
2.5 x 1.9 cm
unique and signed


With his Wearable Art projects, Canevari delves into his ideas of drawing, painting, or sculpting iconography and recognisable imagery into another dimension: into something we can wear. Lupe Romane incorporated the ancient Roman micro-mosaic techniques, and features the She-Wolf, a significant symbol of Rome, celebrated for her nurturing and protective powers. 

‘I believe that the most important inspiration for an artist’s work is people’s way of thinking. Spirituality, as part of the human condition, brings with it a presence, a meaning, a symbol, a soul. I utilise icons in my work as a way of connecting with this fundamental truth. A tire, a skull or a bomb are recognisable images and part of our universal knowledge, just as much as a sacred image, or an image of a dog. What I do is use these icons in a new context, or structure, that places their meaning in jeopardy.’ – Paolo Canevari


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