Hot Ingo

Ron Arad
Hot Ingo earrings, 2015
blackened silver, white laser sintered polyamide with wooden case & edition card
10 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm (each)
Edition of 100

Ron Arad began experimenting with jewellery making in 2003 when he first conceived his Hot Ingo earrings in collaboration with Louisa Guinness Gallery. Combining the material innovation of 3D printing with sintered polyamide he fliped the use of a technology traditionally used by engineers, designers and silversmiths to create prototypes and earrings.

The resulting ‘Hot Ingo’ earrings represent his first foray into the world of jewellery. Mimicking natural lines, each sintered polyamide ball wraps neatly around its metal pole originally made in ‘03 from 18k gold with a white polyamide ball and platinum with black polyamide ball. Arad has also produced later editions in 18k rose gold with a black polyamide ball, in blackened silver with a white polyamide ball and silver with a red polyamide ball.




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