Naja, Perfectly Coiled

Ron Arad
Naja, Perfectly Coiled, 2015
Vermeil & quartz lens with waxed cotton cord, pendant
7.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 cm
Edition 9 of 25
Signed and numbered

Edition Louisa Guinness Gallery

Arad is celebrated for his innovative reconceptualisation of everyday objects and structures in his iconically fluid and curvaceous style. This is exemplified in his series of magnifying glass pendants Naja that take their name and inspiration from the naja cobra.

Arad’s Standing Naja, created in 2015 was the first realisation of his Naja series with Louisa Guinness Gallery. Each magnifying pendant was made of concentric circles, coiled by hand around a piece of quartz or amethyst. With a standing height of 16 cm and an ability to retract into a flat coiled state, it imitates the natural movement of the naja cobra which raises the front of its body off the ground, appearing larger to potential predators.


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