Ania Guillaume
Ginkgo, 2017
Silver and yellow gold plated necklace
Unique and signed


Gingko is Guillaume’s series of miniature, wearable sculptures, visually derived from the leaves of the ancient Japanese tree. The gingko leaf was purposely chosen by the artist not only for its singular beauty, but mainly for the its meaningful symbolism of longevity and wellbeing that is associated with the history of Acampora.  It was first designed in 2011 with gilded bronze, until the artist started moving onto titanium and gold plated silver, which proves to be much lighter, wearable, and more dynamic pieces of jewellery.

With the artist’s interest in nature’s intricate spirituality, every unique piece Guillaume casts from wax takes form of hand sculpted gingko leaves then made into gold plated brass, as the elements of nature embraces the body in a sculptural fashion. Made in different vessels to wrap around the body, every unique necklace, cuff, and earring, brings a different level of elegance, vivaciousness, and beauty to the wearer. 

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