Ania Guillaume

Ania Guillaume
(b.1956, Poland)

Ania is a Monaco-based sculptor and painter.Her inspiration comes from the natural environments of East and West. The artist traveled incessantly, but Japan and the Mediterranean coast were the places that most influenced her. In sculpture as much as in jewellery, there is a strong perception of the spiritual natural universe as well as the pleasant tactile quality of its textures.

The first jewellery pieces were made in 2011 in gilded bronze and later she moved to silver gold plating.

Guillaume’s work has been exhibited at: Toyama Museums, Osaka, Aïchi ; National Art Center ,Tokyo and Malborough gallery in Monaco. Her work is present in private collections in Europe, Asia and the USA, among others the Mutuelle St. Christophe Collection in Paris and the Zelie & Louis Martin Chapel in Paris that the artist renovated completely.

“There is no greater creation than that of Mother Nature, it is the nature’s creation that inspires me profoundly”