Fossil Twist Necklace

Liliane Lijn
Fossil Twist Necklace, 2019
Electroformed silver and gold plate necklace
70cm long circa
Edition of 8
Signed and numbered



Evocative of her visual abstractions and material manipulations, Lijn’s concept of the primal earth are finely tuned with the geological sciences. As humanity uncovers the remnants of past creatures,  the cycle of life and death are drawn into continuous momentum of renewal and vitality that Lijn echoes in her Fossil series.

The way these necklaces engage so fittingly with the wearer evokes a very personal dialogue with Lijn’s motifs of the primal earth. In a very personal, meditative approach with these pieces, Lijn begins her pieces by moulding a clump of very hot wax to create these ornaments upon the necklace piece.  The high temperature, granted this malleable nature of the wax to manipulate the mass and resemble these earthen elements. As technology has allowed her to work with a diverse range of materials in her sculptural work; instead of cast metal, electro-forming was used to carefully reflect the same earthen surface texture reinforced into these necklace pieces.

Fossil Twist Necklace is a testament to Lijn’s incredibly attention to materiality and form. In order to wear it we must twist the necklace ourselves, therefore we are always engaged in that dialogue with the fossil formations that reflects the cycle of life and death in Lijn’s interest with the earth. In two different metals, this is an incredibly complex-made piece, yet stands as an incredible statement piece that brings an aura of vitality and elegance.


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