24th – 28th March | Mythical Creatures: a Magical Collaboration

We are very thrilled to announce an unusual and unique exhibition of Wearable Art. It is an extraordinary dialogue between Art Couture and Art Jewellery. The theme behind this presentation is Mythical Creatures.

Each one of us is a mythical creature within ourselves. We welcome you to see how these creatures manifested themselves into art. With expressive and dramatic canvases and textiles unifying  fine art into luxury couture, Aigana Gali, in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani, engage the ethereal dialogue of wearable art and sculptural forms through mythological creatures that capture our imaginations.

On the 24th of March, we will inaugurate this exciting exhibition at 12pm with a talk between Aigana, Dina Marchant, Andrea Jarvis Hamilton and Elisabetta. And for our night-owls, we will share a preview with drinks onwards from 6-8pm.


The exhibition will be on view at Andrea Hamilton Studios, 68 Kinnerton Street (Belgravia), from the 24th – 28th of March, 11am – 7pm. On the 29th, by appointment only. 

About Aigana Gali: contemporary artist whose work conjures a universe of resilient colour, immersive textures, and the mystery of existence. Aigana’s unique brand Manifestations Art Couture is at the forefront of unifying the art and fashion worlds, to offer unique hand finished artwork on bespoke & limited-edition statement luxury clothing.

About Dina Marchant: curator and founder of Stories of Art. Dina runs two one-year art history courses, one from Baroque to Contemporary Art at Annabel’s Club and the second one from the 19th century to Contemporary Art at South Kensington Club.

About Andrea Jarvis Hamilton: award-winning fine-art photographer known for her monumental light-boxes of natural phenomena like icebergs and for her candid portraits of London’s creative personalities. Andrea’s work encompasses several photographic genres including portraiture, street photography and landscape, and questions subjects as varied as climate change, identity or place as they relate to other creative disciplines.

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