Trame Preziose

Trame Preziose


La magia dell’Africa nelle maschere tribali di Satta Matturi By Camilla Gusti  for il Messaggero Read November 21st, 2023

Mushroom Jewelry And A Live Moth: Two Gallery To Visit At PAD London


The neck piece is an exploration of the power of metamorphosis, development and growth, and forms part of an ongoing project the Venetian artist has been working on since 2020.“ Caló incites viewers to contemplate the dual nature of freedom. By Kate Matthams for Forbes October, 13th 2023 Read   


Maria Sole Ferragamo turns brass shavings into intricate jewelry for Elisabetta Cipriani gallery Commissioned by Birgit Lohmann for Design Boom October 11th, 2023 Read

Sophia Vari Wearable Art Goes On Show In London


As Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery unveils 40 new jewels by the Greek artist, Cipriani joins the artist’s daughter, Ileana Bouboulis to speak about her late mother. By Kate Matthams for Forbes June 16th, 2023 Read  

I gioielli di Sophia Vari da Elisabetta Cipriani a Londra in un’imperdibile mostra omaggio


Fino al 7 luglio Elisabetta Cipriani rende omaggio a Sophia Vari, la grande artista di origine greca, recentemente scomparsa. In mostra una serie di gioielli d’artista, alcuni dei quali pensati espressamente per l’esposizione londinese e realizzati per la prima volta con materiali come resina e amaranto, un legno esotico di grande resa cromatica e materica. By Paola Stroppiana for Canale Arte.Tv June 12th, 2023 Read    

Sophia Vari’s sculptural jewellery comes to London


Elisabetta Cipriani unveils 40 of Sophia Vari’s wearable sculptures at exhibition ‘All Mediums are Noble’ By Hanna Silver for Wallpaper June 12th, 2023 Read

Sophia Vari’s wearable sculptures


Composition, Harmony, Beauty and Rythm at a small scale by Marietta Kontogianni for The Jewellery Box June 7th, 2023 Read  

Sophia Vari’s ‘second skin’ wearable sculptures woo collectors


Latest exhibition shows how the late Greek artist’s experimentation with unusual woods and resin gave her jewellery an added boldness.   By Kate Youde, for Financial Times May 12th, 2023 Read  

Beyond the Frame


Elisabetta Cipriani’s wearable art creations might be smaller in scale than a painting or a sculpture, says Lucie Muir, but as her latest collaborations show, they have no boundaries. Bentley Magazine Issue 80 by Lucie Muir April 17th, 2023  

Design ad alta quota: torna NOMAD St. Moritz .


Design ad alta quota: torna NOMAD St.Moritz. In programma fino al 26 Febbraio, la kermesse dedicata al collectible design riapre le porte dello storico hotel Grace La Margna. February 24th, 2023 Di Francesca Tagliabue Read