Born in Bologna in 1977, Sissi (Daniela Olivieri) is an Italian artist who currently lives between London and Bologna. Her artistic code starts from the body and anatomical studies through a continuous process that combines environmental and natural elements. Sissi’s practice includes a wide range of media such as performance, painting, drawing, installation and video.

The artist participated at several one-man and group exhibitions around the world and she successfully gained recognition also by participating at the Venice Biennale of 2009 in the Italian Pavilion. Sissi won considerable important prices including among others, Gotham Prize promoted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New York (2012); New York Prize at Italian Academy of Columbia University (2005); Francesca Alinovi Prize for performers at Gam Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna (2003) and the Furla for Art at Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice (2002).








Nidi (Nests) is a project entirely handmade by the artist and consists of a pair of earrings and two pendants that can also be worn as brooches or displayed as sculptures. Inspired by the idea of a safe place, these wearable sculptures like the natural nests, embrace the life and the body of the wearer. The gold pendant finds protection over the heart and when worn as a brooch, finds its peace between the branches of the ribs.

Manual ability is central in Sissi’s work: she delicately intertwines and welds gold and silver threads with coloured stones and twists hand painted enamelled strips to make a new skin that represent an extension between her work and her body in the space. In the artist’s practise, everything starts from a small element that grows and develops in different forms. This flow take shape from the soul of the artist and is articulated from the body with a potentially infinite form.