Nidi Olimpici

Sissi Daniela Olivieri
Nidi Olimpici (Olympic Nests), 2023
18kt yellow gold thread, South sea pearls earrings
L 8.5 x 7.5 cm
unique and signed

With an artistic focus of anatomical study in relations to environmental elements, Sissi brings forth new ways to interpret wearable art, as the pieces transform into a second skin of light and gold for the wearer. For her wearable art pieces, Sissi interlaces the symbolism of the bird’s nest with the anatomy of the human body. The artist’s creations are hand-made and embellished, yet delicate like her sculptures. Carefully interwoven and welded with gold and silver threads, decorated with precious gemstones, Sissi’s contemplative process re-imagines a sculptural piece of art to work in tandem with the single wearer.It was pivotal to Sissi to be personally involved with the production of her wearable art pieces. Nests, Cocoons and Olympic Nests draw its symbolism from natural nests which provide a safe place.

The nest is not only the home of the body, but also a space that dresses and protects like the Cocoons wearable sculptures, cocoon-nests that enfold a content. The chrysalis represents both the rest of the being and its momentum, a continuous rebirth extended to the nature of coral. An aviary of intertwined gold and silver threads to enclose a fragment of coral in an embrace. A nature to be saved and to be given back to a protected place.” – Sissi Daniela Olivieri


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