Elisabetta Cipriani  is delighted to announce its participation, for the first time, at TEFAF during this 30th edition of the Fair. For this occasion, Elisabetta Cipriani is pleased to present the new creations by Giulio Paolini, which include three pendants inspired by former installations of the artist ‘Amore e Psyche’ and ‘Sulla Soglia’. The pendants represent classical figures seen from behind, facing directly at the heart of the wearer, trying to trespass the threshold between the outer and the inner dimension. The importance of love dwells also in the ring ‘Due in Uno’ which unites two gold rings in one piece, leading to an infinite line of movement. This piece was first conceived by Paolini in silver 1967 as a present to his wife and only two exemplars were made until now.

The exhibition will also include Ai Weiwei’s ‘Rebar in Gold’, a bracelet to commemorate the devastating Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. This piece features one of the contortioned rebar bars that the artist found at the place of the massacre, which casted in gold became a memento to the preciousness of life. Furthermore, the visitor will find an array of exceptional pieces such as Frank Stella’s impressive Ring and Kabakov’s nostalgic Fly series.


We look forward to seeing you all in Maastricht!




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