Triade Bianca

Faust Cardinali
La Triade Bianca, 2022
Silver, 18kt yellow gold , hand-carved antique ivory , rubies ring
6 x 5 x 3 cm
Unique and signed

“« l’objet trouvé » – the hand carved piece of ivory was a liturgical accessory from the Atelier Chéret / Paris. In 1991 I had a studio in that historic space. 30 years later I bought the piece from Claude Chéret and immediately thought of a sculpture – a ring: the bull symbolises power and fecundity, the eagle the authority, virility, the government, victory and courage, Our Lady… we know. For me, the White Triad is a sculpture – like a sort of arch (of triumph?) where inside the heart, embossed in gold, pulsates and three drops of ruby guarantee its life. A kind of tree, where light filters through, ivory is like flesh or fabric. A ring to wear in more than special ceremonies.”

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