Sophia Vari
Sirtos, 2022
White resin and yellow gold ring
4 x 7 cm
edition of 6 plus 2 AP
signed and numbered

Syrtos is an ancient Greek chain dance. It was described by Lucian (c. AD 125–190) and is still danced today in many varieties all over Greece and in the Greek islands. Traditionally, it was danced by segregated lines of men and women, a youth leading the line of girls; lines now are frequently mixed. The dancers in the chain maintain a simple fundamental step, but the leader improvises, often breaking away from the line.

In all Vari pieces, abstraction is refined to the hummed mantra of “Beauty and Harmony” where bold geometric forms are accentuated by colour coming from unconventional mediums. They are sculptures that become wearable with the force of a poetic statement. The new medium the Artist has been working on is resin that was a fortuitous discovery. Vari noticed the beauty of its lightness and transparency; it has a marble like feel that reminds her of the Thassos marble that she uses in her sculptures. The forms are enhanced by gold acquiring preciousness and as a whole they become strong.


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