Mariko Mori
Planets Brooch, 2013
18kt white gold, South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls, broken glass bead,
aurora bead and crystal with pins on reverse.
7 cm diameter
Edition 2 of 10
Signed and numbered

Edition of Louisa Guinness Gallery

Mori’s later jewellery work Planets also employed a circular form, this time intended to reference not only a planetary ‘orbit’ but also the Jomon understanding of time as circular (the Jomon was an early Mesolithic-type culture in Japan). The work drew on Mori’s 2004 installation Transcircle, made up of nine luminescent Corian stone pillars placed in a circle. Each stone glowed at various intervals and in various colours, according to the movement of nine planets in our solar system. The considered placement of each pearl and bead on its white gold orbit suggests order in an infinitely variable universe. Worn around the neck, hanging from the ears or pinned above the heart, Planets, like Transcircle, encourages a personal reflection on our place in the cosmos.

”The Pearls are a gift from the sea tide to the moon. The pearls remind us of our connection to the cosmos. Planets symbolise our  entities as cosmic beings.’Mariko Mori

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