Sophia Vari
Pidithos, 2022
White resin and yellow gold earrings
8 x 6 cm
edition of 6 plus 2 AP
signed and numbered

The variety of medium present in these works is exceptional and unique. Works made of marble from Thassos, Carrara and Belgium, gold, silver, amaranth wood, Pau Amarelo wood, resin and rock-crystal are chosen to emphasise the composition of volume, form and movement. Sophia Vari has been working in sculpture for over 55 years and the evolution came by itself; one work lead to another and the lines became more precise. Jewellery have a strong influence from her sculptures. Thirty-five years ago, Vari realised that some of her little models that she would mould in plaster to remember the compositions, could become wearable. In them she envisioned the line between function and form experimenting with a wide range of noble and singular materials. For Vari, making jewellery is to go beyond herself, to be more radical and clearer in what she wants to express.

“When I create jewellery, I don’t think about jewellery, it becomes jewellery at a later stage. The difference between a sculpture and jewel is that the latter must embellish and reassure the woman who wears it”. Sophia Vari

The other new medium is resin that was also a fortuitous discovery. Vari noticed the beauty of its lightness and transparency; it has a marble like feel that reminds her of the Thassos marble that she uses in her sculptures. The forms are enhanced by gold acquiring preciousness and as a whole they become strong. The new body of works are once again breath taking in strength and creativity. Abstraction is refined to the hummed mantra of “Beauty and Harmony” where bold geometric forms are accentuated by colour coming from unconventional mediums. They are sculptures that become wearable with the force of a poetic statement.

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