Jesús Rafael Soto
Penetrabile, 1967
Silver and silver gilt earrings with three rows of 23 bi-coloured moving rods
9 x 7 cm
GEM edition: 57/200
Hallmarked and signed GEM


Penetrabile” is a pair of earrings designed by Jesús Rafael Soto in collaboration with GEM Montebello in 1967.

These earrings are the first edition made with moving wires in sterling silver, treated half in yellow gold and half in rhodium, in an edition of 200 exemplars not numbered or signed. Of this first edition, only 35 exemplars have been realised, thus a numbering criteria was not applied.

Often artist jewellery is a miniature sculpture of a bigger work and Penetrabile (Penetrable) takes the name from the big installations Soto was creating at that time, where people could physically enter the work, creating movement through the passage of their bodies.

The project is not a scale adaptation of the work in this case, in fact the wearer becomes part of Penetrabile while the spectator observes the movement.

At the end of the 60’s, as agreed with the artist, GEM stopped the first edition and started the new edition of 25 gold exemplars numbered and signed. 18 carat gold was the choice for the first five exemplars, later adjusted to a lighter-to-wear 9 carat gold for the following pieces.

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