Pietro Consagra
Orecchini, 1998
18kt yellow gold earrings with white diamonds
Unique and signed

In 1952 Pietro Consagra (Trapani, 1920) chose a frontal approach, eliminating volume and three-dimensional effects from his sculpture and opting for a single point of view designed to create a more direct, immediate dialogue with the spectator.

Regarding his activity in the field of jewellery, apart from a piece created personally by him in 1947-48 for a friend, which was more a manifesto in favor of abstract sculpture then a real ornament, Consagra has collaborated with the three most important producers of art jewellery: Masenza, the Fumanti brothers and GianCarlo Montebello. The frontal dimension of his artistic experimentation is also reflected in the jewels created by his design, adapted mainly to be transformed into brooches or pendants, distinguished by the play of intarsia and engraving on foil, or by the superimposition of elements treated in different manners: the contrast between the glossy and the opaque, colour and monochrome and pavé of diamonds.

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