Aigana Gali

Aigana Gali is a Kazakh artist based in London. Born of Georgian & Kazakh descent, Aigana was raised in an artistic family in Kazakhstan’s capital Almaty. For centuries her homeland was the crossing of the ancient Great Silk Road trade routes, the dramatic landscape of the Central Asian steppes fostering a unique cultural blend of Asian and European influences. The artist’s work is deeply inspired by the atmospheric emptiness of the vast Eurasian Steppe plains and historically rich multi-culturalism of the region.

Through bold, extraordinary canvases and textile creations, Aigana expresses a rare spirituality in which she explores the natural world or evokes myths and legends from different cultures. She explores universal human themes through exploring concepts of duality: physical world and spiritual realm, reality and imagination, human constructions and nature, being and nothingness.

Aigana works across various media, including oils, acrylics, pastels, textiles and photography, and more recently has ideated Manifestations ArtCouture – an artistic studio creating hand-painted collectable couture, home textile and jewellery. Totem Necklace “Hero” is the first wearable art project Aigana Gali created and exclusively for Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery.