Sophia Vari
Sousta, 2022
Amaranth wood and yellow gold earrings
6.6 x 3.8 cm
edition of 6 plus 2 AP
signed and numbered

Sousta (Greek: Σούστα) is a Greek folk dance performed at weddings as an activity of courtship between husband and wife. It originates from Ancient Greece, and holds prominence in Dodecanese Islands and broader Aegean region. It is the second most common Greek dance, after the Sorts with many Greek islands and villages adopting their own version.

New materials such as amaranth wood and resin appeared in front of her by surprise. Vari was looking for something distinctive and by chance, when looking at the different colours of wood, she discovered the beautiful exotic amaranth wood. What is special about this wood, is that it is green in colour and then in contact with the sun, it transforms and stabilises into pink/purple. This new colour naturally redefines certain forms that the artist perceives differently with the other woods previously used.

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