Ute Decker
Minimalist, 2016
18kt Fairtrade gold and 100% recycled sterling silver arm sculpture (bimetal)
edition of 6
unique within the series
initialled and hallmarked


The wearable sculptures by the internationally acclaimed architectural artist Ute Decker are a meditation on the richness of simplicity. She sculpts space, movement, volume and a subtle texture into a carefully composed interplay of light and shadow with a richly evocative sense of space and story. This essential purity is typical of her work in its minimalism and attention to detail.

With a strong attention to the texture and form, Ute Decker displays her understanding¬†of the complexities when working with two different metals, given the differences in malleability and melting points.¬†Warping the metal herself, Decker presents this minimalist bracelet piece, it’s bold and bright colours combined with the gold and silver makes this a remarkable piece.

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