Sophia Vari
Méandre, 2011
Vermeil ring
3 x 2.5 cm
edition of 6
signed and numbered

More than likely we’ve all come across the ‘Greek key’, also known as the ‘meander’ (a repeating geometric motif), at some time or another. During 18th century Europe, along with the rejuvenated enthusiasm for all things Greek came the Greek Key symbol, a sign of Greek style and taste; a sophisticated, decorative pattern which adorned just about anything. Today it’s still very much the vogue; usually a decorative border, embellishes jewellery, fabric, carpets, wall-coverings, carpets and magnificent buildings. In Ancient Greece, the unbroken, interlocking pattern of the Meander (Meandros), or Greek Key, was one of the most important symbols; it symbolised infinity, unity, also an echo of  the perpetual flow of water, or waves, it also represents the infinite and eternal movement of life.

Produced in monumental scale or as table pieces, monochrome or colored, her bold, dynamic and yet elegant sculptures portray the artist’s profound respect for the material, which is only of the higher quality, and her interest in the process, in which she is an active participant. Another quality shared by all her sculptures, and one which the artist pays particular attention to, is the relationship between the object and the space it occupies. Specifically, how they activate one another and, eventually, activate the viewer as well.

Just like for her sculptural or pictorial work, only the highest materials are used in the making of her jewellery that wisely and graciously combine gold, vermeil, silver, wood, ebony, leather, root emerald and sapphire among others. Like the sculptures are in a dialogue with the surrounding space, so her jewelries are conceived with the idea to be in relation with the body and activate it.


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