How can you do it during lockdown? People who can't physically see and try the jewellery, how can they picture themselves wearing it?
In the last few weeks, many of you have not been able to try the jewellery and as jewellery by artists need to be worn and seen being worn in order to grasp its multiple strengths, I asked my friend Julia Breiderhoff to draw portraits on which I would later insert the jewels with the use of photoshop. Julia has a passion for portraiture . She is based in Rome, also in lockdown, where she produced those beautiful works on paper. I am very grateful for her support on this project.
As I received the drawings, I had great fun making compositions, dressing these portraits with jewellery by different artists, as if I was giving you advice on how to wear and combine these sculptures. Wearing the Sculpture is therefore dedicated to you, women and men, lovers and collectors of artist's jewellery.