Satta Matturi

Satta Matturi is the founder and creative lead of the award-winning brand, Matturi Fine Jewellery, which she founded after a 17-year diamond career working in sales and rough diamond valuation at one of the largest diamond mining groups. Her skills, experience, and network within the mid-stream of the diamond pipeline, coupled with her passion for diamonds and jewellery led her to start up her niche brand. Being British and West-African, Satta combines deep felt traditions and heritage from the African continent, mixed with a global view of trends, attitudes and inspiration, to create distinct contemporary designs that resonate with all women across the globe.

In addition to the brand, she manages a consultancy that offers niche services to the wider industry through rough diamond valuation and procurement, polished diamond sourcing, and business advisory.

Satta is a regular contributor and speaker at conferences and webinars as a supporter of good sustainable mineral wealth distribution and promoting producer country beneficiation. She is involved in various mentorship and charitable programmes within the wider jewellery and design spaces and in diamond producing countries.

Satta was appointed onto the executive board of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) in 2022 and has served as a panel judge on various initiatives including the Goldsmiths Company’s design awards and jewellery hardship funding programmes. She also acts as a mentor and advisory board member to various design platforms that promote the design talent found across the African continent.

Africa, its art, history, design and culture, has been a constant source of inspiration for jewellery house, Matturi. Launched in 2015, the brand aims to transform diverse narratives into luxurious high jewellery, set in 18kt gold with responsibly sourced brilliant diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Matturi’s design approach is carefully considered and rooted in research leading to a visual and conceptual approach to design and aesthetics. Created in limited quantities, each piece is timeless and unique. Matturi strives to bring modernity into their distinct designs that can be worn or collected by women and men across the globe. The brand also manages small initiatives on the African continent that supports and promotes good practices. These include their youth empowerment programme, artisanal mining buying support work and their responsible diamond sourcing initiative.

The Matturi brand and creations have been featured in numerous global publications such as Vogue, CNN, Vanity Fair, 1843 The Economist, New York Times, and the Financial Times.