Trame (Weaves, Plots)

Maria Sole Ferragamo
Trame (Waves,Plots),2023
Gold-plated brass necklace
17 x 17 cm; external ø 13,5 cm
Also available in gold-plated brass with white / black enamel

Each piece created by Maria Sole Ferragamo, is more than just a beautifully crafted ornament; it embodies a tale of resilience and reimagined possibilities, which echos the principles of the Arte Povera movement and its main elements such as the humble use of primitive or everyday materials, sarcastic tone, and unconventional forms. The brass shavings here have their own history, once destined to be melted down into new brass, but now repurposed as Trucioli (shavings) to create intricate and captivating designs. In the world of ” Trame (Weaves, Plots)”, every brass shaving holds its own distinctive form, derived from the object from which it was discarded. When that particular object ceases production, its corresponding brass shaving, with its unique shape, will never be reproduced again. This inherent characteristic of each shaving adds an unparalleled sense of value and rarity to the collection.

The essence of this project lies in the idea that true preciousness can be found in scarcity, drought. By harnessing the inherent beauty of each brass shaving and carefully crafting them into extraordinary pieces, Maria Sole has created a collection that embodies both the allure of exclusivity and the spirit of sustainability. The collection is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the profound impact that can be achieved through upcycling. Witness first-hand how discarded brass shavings can be reborn into exquisite wearable works of art, reminding us that the essence of preciousness lies not in the starting material but in the artistry that breathes life into it.

The collection is composed of four sculptural pieces, a brooch, symbol of timeless elegance showcases the beauty of simplicity; a necklace, masterpiece of versatility and allure, alongside a bracelet and earrings. Each piece is unique and available in two variants: an indulgent old-plated finish or an enchanting combination of gold plating with vibrant black or white enamel detailing. The symbolism of intertwining elements in “Trame (Weaves, Plots)” extends beyond the artist creative process, it also embraces the empowerment of femininity. The intricate weaves serve as a tribute to the power of women, representing the strength that comes from unity and interconnection.

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