Tracks, Rock series

Gigi Mariani
Tracks, Rock series, 2017
Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina, ring
diameter 5 cm
unique and signed


Gigi Mariani’s works have aimed to revitalise antique techniques of gold smithing. Incorporating niello, a blackener with the aid of sulphur, he conceals the preciousness of the silver metal. Under the application of heat, “blood clots” and cracks appear in the surfaces — re-purposing the surface materiality into earthen grounds, aged and weathered. Mariani extends his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas, incorporating clean geometric forms of metallic droplets as if to indicate the human erosion of the earth, and the ring as a landscape picture. Mariani’s practice as both visual artist and goldsmith demonstrates his full awareness of materiality and its characteristics towards wearable works of art, which makes his unique creations so charismatic and sculptural to the wearer.

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