Noor Fares x Flavie Audi
Superlunary, 2018
18kt white gold, carved rock crystal, pave sapphire, amethyst and diamonds cuff


The SUPERLUNARY collection is a demonstration of incredible craftsmanship of Flavie’s investigations of Cultural Geology, her inventive term to express the sciences linked to the human experiences and the celestial; and in tandem with Noor’s minimal aesthetic of wearable art that are fundamentally rooted in Vedic astrology, channelling that talismanic spirituality and protection through sacred symbolism and geometry. 

Each piece displays an incredible cosmic quality to them. The fluid geometry of the synthetic resin forms these cloudy crystals, moulded by a 3D printer, are adorned with artificial and natural precious stones, each stone needing the highest level of craftsmanship in order to cleave and carve them. Evoking the talismanic nature of spirituality in combination with the human processes, these pieces embody a vivacious energy, they evoke that artificial and natural ambiguity that is perceived through digital screens, and the cosmos in the sky, where the human touch meets both worlds.

Each and every piece of the collection manages to glow upon the human skin when worn in such vastly unique and beautiful ways. The materials of the resin and the gemstones create that amazing juxtaposition and co-existence. It creates that duality that invites the viewer to carefully examine the material. In an era of technological innovation that has seen the creation of flawless, synthetic diamonds, undetectable by man or machine, the work questions the values and authenticity inherent within these materials.

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