Massimo Izzo
Sciara , 2022
Blackened silver, 2.5kt Australian opal,
1.10kt green diamonds ring
3 x 3 x ø 1.68 cm
unique and signed

Sciara, from the Arabic word < ša῾ra> “barren and uncultivated ground, sodaglia” on a derivative of Latin flagrare “ardere” meaning “glowing lava,” then “hardened lava”, is a local term, used in Sicily,  precisely in the Etna and Stromboli (Eolian Islands) areas to refer to the accumulations of volcanic slag formed on the surface or sides of lava flows: the stars also shone brightly othe sc., and the surrounding countryside was also black, like the sc. ( Giovanni Verga, Italian realistic writer)

The six one of a kind rings made of blackened silver, sapphires, diamonds and precious opals are for Massimo a journey in search for the essence. The Sciara rings are surreal, colourful, luminous craters with saturated blacks contrasted with shimmering lines. They are evocations of feelings and a calling for a new life. It is a magical world of astonishing colours and fascinating shapes the one of Massimo’s. Techniques like filigrane, lost wax, embossing and engraving are used to bring alive vibrant natural gemstones, corals and noble metals.

There, on top of the mountain, one can find the truth, building over a rock is where everything starts. I create for the free winds blowing in Sicily, for the sacred fires, for the supreme law of creation rising from the flames. For the hallowed salt of the deep blue Ionian Sea, for the soft and powerful dreams, where secret stones blossom from the obscure womb of Earth. For the pure diamonds cut and shaped by gods’ breath. For the crystal structure of creative ideas, rising and falling like stars beating in sideral spaces”. Massimo Izzo


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