Schèi e Osei

Faust Cardinali
Schèi e Osei, 2018
Silver, 18kt yellow gold, 1950’s 5 lira coin, diamonds, synthetic rubies ring
3 x 5 x 3 cm
Unique and signed


Cardinali moulds this new series of rings in relation to the 2018 project called ‘ Schèi e Osei ‘ (Schei e osei, finchè ghe n’è, ciapei translating from the Veneto region dialect  ‘money and birds (in the sense of penises), as long as there’s any, take them), where the coin, a 1950 lira, has seen as an opportunity to shape the idea of an archaeological inverted material. In other words, the artist, wants to focus on the symbolism of the object, which will change nature and become a jewel or a piece of wearable sculpture that blends different topics and subjects. This mutation will give birth to new bodies and entities.

The coins are convexed by the artist to give a political idea of ‘beating a-new- coin ‘(battere moneta) and most importantly not from the national mint.

The 2018 ‘Schèi e Osei ‘is a series that symbolically transmutes the ‘Object Trouvé’. The materials, such as aluminium, gold, and precious gems live together with the history of the chosen coin. Faust works always focus on the alchemy of the materials and the need to create metallic objects where the precious marries the ordinary medium. The result is the creation of unusual, unexcepted amalgamation of stories and bodies coming from a different planet.


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