Rocky Road

Elsa Sarantidou
Rocky Road, 2023
18kt yellow gold, yellow and light brown diamonds ring

”In my latest jewelry collection, I sought to capture the essence of our dynamic, ever-evolving contemporary world by drawing inspiration from the innovative designs in architecture. The result is a fusion of artistry, fashion, and architecture that pays homage to the present time.

Contemporary architecture, with its emphasis on fluid forms, bold lines, and unconventional structures, has the power to reshape our perceptions of space and redefine our urban landscapes. It is this transformative spirit that I aimed to encapsulate in my jewelry pieces. An emphasis on light, transparency, and fluidity, as well as organic and futuristic shapes, served as pivotal sources of inspiration.┬áJust as contemporary architecture pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, my jewelry collection pushes the boundaries of what’s expected in accessory design. I aimed to create pieces that are not merely adornments but wearable sculptures. Each piece reflects the complex interplay of lines, curves, and angles found in modern architecture, resulting in an aesthetic that is both elegant and avant-garde.

Through “Architectural Fusion, I invite you to explore the synergy between contemporary architecture, art, and jewelry, and experience the beauty and wonder that can be found in the convergence of these creative disciplines”


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