Luminous Pollock

Maria Sole Ferragamo
Luminous Pollock, 2018
Black suede necklace with colourful paint splashes
Edition of 20


Working with the idea of upcycling leftovers of high quality materials, Maria Sole Ferragamo re-invigorates and gives birth to new incredible collections of unique leather jewellery. The artist is surrounded by endless creativity and a great awareness to materiality and craftsmanship, often resulting in works that present such authenticity to her sustainable values. Bold, contrasting, and experimental with colour, her wearable works of art become a testament to the new generation of art and design that thrives off of sustainability without depleting her innovative streak.

Luminous PollockĀ is incredibly defined and bold, demonstrating Ferragamo’s eagle-eyed attention to detail and materiality. Visually quoting Jackson Pollock, Ferragamo incorporates that expressive, painterly quality to the design of the necklace that makes it bright, colourful, and visually striking. There is a beautiful engagement with how the material sits on the wearer, as there is a intricate mark making in tandem with the geometric negative spaces created, making this neckpiece such a modern and versatile addition to the wearer.



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