Sophia Vari
Hypérion, 2023
Amaranth wood, 18kt yellow gold and leather necklace
23 x 15 cm
edition of 3 plus 2 AP
signed and numbered

In Greek mythology, Hyperion is one of the twelve (or thirteen) Titans, the children of Gaia and Uranus. As a Titan, one of the oldest generation of gods, Hyperion was a fitting father for these three sky-gods who, as elements of the natural world, must have been conceived of as having come into being near the beginning of the cosmos. Hyperion means “he that walks on high” or simply “the god above”,

New materials such as amaranth wood and resin appeared in front of her by surprise. Vari was looking for something distinctive and by chance, when looking at the different colours of wood, she discovered the beautiful exotic amaranth wood. What is special about this wood, is that it is green in colour and then in contact with the sun, it transforms and stabilises into pink/purple. This new colour naturally redefines certain forms that the artist perceives differently with the other woods previously used.


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