Pascale Marthine Tayou
Gri-Gri, 2017
18kt yellow gold ring with South Sea pearls, beads, African cloth and coloured threads
Unique within a series of 7

Traditionally the term ‘gri-gri’ has been related to good-luck voodoo talismans of African origin. Likewise, Tayou’s rings are amulets that stem a positive energy coming out from the hidden beads – there is a Shaman potion hidden inside! To realize these unique works the artist wraps the cloth very tightly with different coloured threads around a pearl symbolizing purity.

Tayou believes that art cannot be separated from life and consequently his artworks repeatedly include objects from everyday life, often gathered during his trips. The journey, the encounter, the energy, the spontaneity and chance are concepts that shape Tayou’s art, leading to pieces that entail an eccentric and colorful mix of everyday situations, human peculiarities and geographies. The ‘Gri-Gri’ rings conveys the African tribal identity in the form of a ring, a jewellery piece with a relevant symbolism in European tradition, creating a blending of rituals and civilizations. This union results in a sophisticated piece of cultural synthesis, following the vibrant and playful style of Tayou’s artworks.


Image courtesy of Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery and GALLERIA CONTINUA San Gimignano/Beijing/Les Moulins/Habana

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