Eros (Love)

Joy BC
Eros (Love), 2023
14kt recycled rose gold, 950 platinum, 1.68kt natural pink spinel
Edition of 5 plus 1 AP
Unique within the series

Eros (later known as Cupid) was the first proto-god to emerge from Chaos. The God of love, passion and affection. In classical mythology, the primeval Eros was a mighty force, arguably the greatest of all – not the cuddly cupid which the Romans and subsequent eras portray. Without Eros (cupid), the other thousands of divine entities who sprang from chaos would have stayed static, unchanged, eternal, but sterile. The universe of Myth was created through Love. These are Eros’s/Cupids lips, made from solid rose gold. ‘Cupid’s Bow’ not only references the instrument of which Eros/Cupid strikes his victims/lovers, but also the top line of the top lip. In this carving, the cupids bow is exaggerated to emphasise the ‘bow’ shape. The pink spinel, set in platinum, is poised above the fulcrum, as if it is the arrow head, waiting the be drawn black and released.

” The choice to use rose-coloured ‘pink’ gold is that of tones associated to love and affection. The spinel, also of rose tone, was highly prised by the Romans and used to trade on the silk road. Many of my works take figurative elements, and either deconstruct or isolate parts of the body to explore narratives and perceived values of various classical narratives. This piece playfully looks at and venerates ideas of love, laughter, language and sensuality”. Joy BC


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