Gigi Mariani
Deep, 2019
18kt yellow gold, silver, patina, ring
3 x 2.5 x 3.2 cm
unique and signed


Gigi Mariani works with antique, almost forgotten techniques.  Mariani engages his instinctive approach of using the metal surface as a canvas, incorporating he expressive medium of niello, a blackener with the aid of sulphur that grants a unique surface texture concealing the precious metal. he interrupts that surface texture through his precise, geometric forms. With Deep, he juxtaposes his often-used medium of niello and deconstructs this sculptural piece, with careful ridges along the rim of the ring, he simplifies the geometric investigations with Deep.  In addition to precious metals, the basic materials of Gigi Mariani’s jewellery include iron, copper and brass. His incredibly sculptural and geometric wearable works of art have become a testament to Mariani’s incredible attention to materiality as both a goldsmith and visual artist.

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