Collana Incisa

Alba Lisca
Collana Incisa, 2021
Engraved silver satin plate necklace
L 31 cm
15 cm diameter torque

When I started creating jewels, I discovered the beauty and strength that shapes can communicate. Dialogue becomes enriched with another element, the intrinsic relationship between surface and shape. The artistic discovery took a step forward, revealing a relationship with the material, the hard metal sheet, which achieves a structure made of precision, rigor, and measure. The jewel, an artistic object, was to move from the meaning sought within a chromatic semantic field, to a language of form and volume. Acquiring shape the surface takes on itself to transmit lights and shadows, the form is cut to generate another surface, animated to make the geometry fluid. The artist jewel includes his/her own aesthetic – artistic research, deepening of his reflection, thus becoming a piece of art independent of the jewel intended as an ornament.

For me, the jewel reflects the anticipated discourse in painting translated into a new language with different materials, the design of which comes from a design – shape – sign, a process that I follow from the beginning of the work in each piece.’ – Alba Polenghi Lisca


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