Butterfly Wings


Ania Guillaume
Butterfly wings, 2019
Titanium earrings
5.6 x 6; 5.9 x 6.1 cm circa
Edition of 8

Ref. E15



Butterfly Wings is an exemplary series of Guillaume’s examination of elements of the natural environment, translated into wearable art. In sculpture as much as in wearable art, there is a strong perception of the spiritual natural universe. Flowers or animals are designed within the shape of the jewel and, once worn, they create an intricate dialogue between the wearer and nature.

Known for their fragility, the delicate attributes of butterfly wings are juxtaposed in its materiality. Casted from delicate carvings into thin wax, the titanium wearable pieces of earrings and necklaces still play with our perception to materiality, as the incredibly lightweight jewellery pieces gleam in their chromatic spectrums. Feminine and beautiful, these reflections of elements of nature become an elegant statement piece to our everyday fashion.

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