Boucle de mer

Miquel Barceló
Boucle de mer (Sea curl), 2007
18kt satin yellow gold
15 cm (D)
Edition of 20
Signed and numbered

The collection of Miquel Barceló came to life in 2007 through a dialogue between the artist and his friend Chus Burés. These pieces are linked to the artist’s iconography and in tune with his serpentine aesthetic of that time. Before the collaboration started, Barceló finished the altarpiece for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Palma Cathedral, Majorca; a magical world that drew life from the sea and plants.

Out of it arose a series of jewels that writhes and swirls with the movement of the sea. The contours of the Boucles de Mer (Sea Curls), primordial in their irregularity, invite us to enjoy Barcelo’s majestic art in mini sculptural jewellery form thanks to Burés.

Barceló made many test pieces out of variety of easily worked material – aluminium foil, cardboard and pieces of wax he shaped with his hand, leaving fingerprints that are reproduced in some of the jewels.


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