Atena Lemnia

Giulio Paolini
Atena Lemnia, 2016
18kt white gold bas-relief necklace with white gold torque
5 x 5 cm
Edition of 8
Signed and numbered

Giulio Paolini’s first wearable art project has been ideated around the idea of love. This gold bas-relief pendant is inspired by former installation of the artist ‘Sulla Soglia’. It represents a woman in Hellenistic style seen from behind, facing directly at the heart of the wearer. She is trying to trespass the threshold between the outer and the inner dimension, emphasizing the universality of the gaze as a bonding action

This piece condenses the essence of the artist’s research that has always demonstrated interest in exploring the nature of images and the relationship between image and viewer. Through replication, fragmentation and citation Paolini often incorporates elements from the past into his artworks, thus establishing an artistic dialogue across times and styles.

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