Joy BC
Sekhmet, 2023
recycled 18kt yellow gold, un- treated natural 3.86kt Fuli peridot ring
2.3 x 2 x 3 cm
Edition of 8
Hallmarked, numbered and signed
Also available with 0.8kt yellow diamond

The ancient Goddess Sekhmet (‘The Powerful One’) was depicted with the head of a Lioness, signifying her ferocity. She is the Goddess of warfare and healing.

“The premise of this piece, which is part of my work on work on Metamorphosis, is that when the wearer puts on the golden lioness, you transform- part lioness, part human – like Sekhmet. Psychologically, talismans have been used for centuries as ways of mental and physical transformation. Many stories throughout history depict hero’s wearing animal skins to be empowered- take Alexander the Great with the lion helmet or Hercules and the Golden Fleece. The Egyptians believed that the lioness was the greatest hunter of all. It is the Lioness who is the predominant hunter, not the male. Yet it is predominantly male lions which have been depicted in heraldic artworks as the fiercest and most powerful. This piece is a modern interpretation of an ancient sentiment. In this rendition, Sekhmet’s Solar disc on her head, connected to her father, the sun God Ra, contains a natural un-heated peridot. First discovered around 1500 BC in Egypt, peridot was named ‘gem of the sun’ and was believed to ward off night terrors. Some historians also believe that Cleopatras’ famous emerald collection was actually peridot.”


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