Leonid Dementiev

Leonid Dementiev travelled the world, living in Russia and Nepal before settling down in Britain more than 15 years ago. After earning a design degree at Central Saint Martins, Leonid worked for several years on developing his own unique jewellery style. All jewellery pieces are made entirely by hand with low-impact methods in our workshop in London applying 4th generation wirework techniques that Leonid’s great grandfather as a famous blacksmith first used in the 1800s in the Southern Russian region of Don. Leonid developed these techniques using fine materials, pushing their boundaries and crafting fine jewels with exquisite finish.

He was also represented by a prestigious gallery in London and Amsterdam and worked on several commissions for British fashion and jewellery brands, such as Theo Fennel and Thomas Tait.

Right now Leonid is a part of the Goldsmiths community, he earned a prestigious GC&DC award sponsored by GSWD (Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers) – one of the oldest Worshipful Companies in UK dating back to the 15th Century.

The inspiration for the Cloud pieces is: “The Cloud collection is inspired by the subtle changes of the feathery clouds whilst our jewellery designer Leonid was hiking in the Lake District. “I was mesmerised by the colours and light, and how they had created seamless and weightless shapes in the sky, this inspired me to encapsulate this moment of tranquillity and peace. The pearls have been sourced by myself from a Japanese supplier of pearls. They are exquisite baroque pearls that I handpicked for each ring. Each pearl shapes the ring and determines its overall appearance. 18k yellow gold is drawn and bent by hand to create a light and strong arch – that technique and style have been inspired by my family heritage”