Elsa Sarantidou


Elsa Sarantidou
(b.1967, Greece)

Elsa Sarantidou was born in Athens in 1967 and moved to England where she studied jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and stained glass at Kensington and Chelsea College.

She then went on to study design, jewellery design and silversmithing at London Guildhall University under the guidance of notorious professors Bob Risch, Joel Degen and Bryan Marshall. She also attended design lessons at Hetherley’s School of Arts in Kensington alongside Le Arti Orafe  Jewellery School in Florence and  Micro-mosaic  in metal with  Stefano Marchetti.

For the EC LAB, the gallery selected eight one-of-a kind sculptural pieces from her latest collection Secret Garden. The collection is a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty that lies within the natural world, and an invitation to discover the hidden wonders that await us in the heart of a secret garden. Elsa’s pieces are all designed and handmade by her; she designs the texture and subsequently applied on the surface using a 3D printing technique. The metal sheet is cut and hand-shaped by the artist.

“As you wear these pieces, you allow yourself to be transported to a place where dreams intertwine with reality, where the delicate patterns of foliage and the gentle whispers of flowers harmonise in a symphony of serene elegance. Feel the soft caress of petals against your skin, as if nature herself is gently embracing your hand, whispering ancient secrets and stories only the garden’s inhabitants have heard”. As you embark on this journey through my secret garden, I invite you to embrace the beauty that surrounds us, to reconnect with the world that often goes unnoticed in the haste of our everyday lives. This collection wants to serve as a reminder that within the humblest of places, lies an untold wealth of inspiration waiting to be explored— a  world brimming with mysteries, secrets and untamed beauty”.