Paolo Canevari
Sweets (Snake), 2019
Silver Ring
4.5 x 3 cm
One of 10 designs from a series of 100


The instincts from our childhood to play and fiddle with the wrapper after the candy is gone, evokes the thought process as Canevari engages in this project, Sweets. 

Often, the artists engages with the limitations of the malleable aluminium wrapper in such playful whims which subverts our ability to recognise objects. From the suggestion of a cushion-cut ring design, to the reptile shapes of snakes and lizards, the limitations of candy wrapping thrusts Canevari’s mythos of happiness into creating this nostalgic dialogue between the piece and the wearer, reminiscent of our childhood imaginations.

Each wearable piece reflects Canevari’s examination of recognisable images and permanence. Pieces from Sweets are cast in silver, and yet, the unique textures of the aluminium foil plays with our perception of materiality as we find what is believed to be fragile, is actually everlasting.

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