Noor Fares x Flavie Audi
Superlunary rotating, 2018
Earrings in 18k white gold with Diamonds and Carved Natural and Synthetic Rock Crystal

The SUPERLUNARY collection fuses Flavie’s exploration into the symbiosis of the synthetic and the natural with Noor’s minimal aesthetic, creating pieces that echo lunar bodies transfixed in a seemingly eternal fluidity that hover between the realm of the real and the synthesised. The fluid geometry of the pieces are created through different processes: hand carved stone requiring high levels of craftsmanship inlaid with artificial and natural gems, synthetic resin that swallows natural stones to form ethereal clouds and silver with resin moulded by a 3D printer.

These materials together form an ambiguous juxtaposition through which the lines between
the two are blurred. This duality invites the viewer to consider the relative merits of each material.
In an era of technological innovation that has seen the creation of flawless, synthetic diamonds, undetectable by man or machine, the work questions the values and authenticity inherent within these materials.

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